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Who am I

Adrie Smit

I am in the privileged position to combine both my passions in life and make a living thereof. My love to serve people and express myself through my art creates a healthy balance in my life and improves my emotional intelligence. It is important for me to know that I have insight into my own strengths and areas to develop. Two very important mottos in my life are: “Always stay true to yourself” and “Act with integrity”. I believe true character is revealed when nobody is watching.

My creativity surrounding art was only discovered in 2001. Due to a traumatic incident in my life I was not able to express myself through my art for 10 years. My creativity was recently restored by my Creator enabling me to enter a complete new realm. Website:

HR & Labour Consulting Services

I am an independent HR & Labour Consultant with over 22 years local and international experience. My focus is mainly on promoting cost effective HR and Business Labour Law compliance to small and medium businesses. The outsourcing of your HR Function will enable you to focus on your core business and reduce your HR Management costs.


A practical guide to understanding the South African Labour Law.
now available

My other HR field of expertise is the rights of the Domestic Worker where the objective is to guide employers to better understand legislation pertaining the employment of Domestic Workers. I offer a solution to manage the relationship so that it becomes a “win-win” situation. Let me help you to become Labour Law Compliant both in your Business and regarding your Domestic Worker.

My success story originates from passion, commitment and determination. My domestic worker’s husband was employed by Transnet for 31 years when he passed away. She was advised that his pension pay out could take up to 5 years to finalise, which I refused to accept. After much resistance and many obstacles, 8 months later we received a 6 figure pay out from Transnet. The money was invested on her behalf and will provide her with an income for the rest of her life.


We specialize in

  • HR Audits
  • Compiling Letters of Appointment
  • Compiling Employment Contracts
  • Compiling Policies & Procedures
  • Registering Employees for UIF
  • Registering Business for Workmen’s Compensation
  • Updating Personnel Files according to POPI Act
  • Labour Law Related Functions
  • Labour Law Wise Training / Workshops
  • And other HR Administrative Tasks

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Save money and reduce operating expenses on non-core functions
  • Allow the company to focus on its core business and less on administrative tasks
  • Control legal risk and improve compliance
  • Gain greater HR expertise
  • Streamline HR functions
  • Reduce the number or HR staff and related expenses


Contact us

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